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Natural and organic wine from the land of Cerasuolo

The Company

We are small wine craftsmen and we cultivate vines on five hectares of our land near Acate, in the territory of Vittoria.
Here we mainly produce Cerasuolo di Vittoria , a wine to which our entire family has given their hearts. We also produce vegetables, fruit and oil for domestic use. All stages of labour, in both the vineyard and the cellar are carried out by family members and above all, by hand. Our agriculture can still be defined as traditional in the footsteps of our grandparents who knew nothing about chemicals or machinery.

Our little company is not made up plots of vineyard but of single clusters, treated one by one. Two sulfur treatments every year keep the waves of humidity due to rare low pressure in our zone under control. We have not got an atomizer. We choose when to harvest with care and we cut the clusters by hand with the old-fashioned clippers. The manual selection of bunches is done by all the family on a specially constructed steel table. Enzymes and yeast are not used and very few grams of sulfur during vintage. There is no type of clarifying agent used, just one filtering with paper in the bottling phase. No stabilization. Only two or at most three decanting. We only use steel. The bottling is the part we like to tell the best: done by hand and the relatives are led by my wife. This is because we are simply wine craftsmen who do not produce more than 20,000 bottles when nature is good to us.
In 2004, at Biscari castle in Acate, during the manifestation “Rosso di Sicilia”, we met Nicolas Joly, the French wine producer and father of bio-dynamics for the first time. He convinced us to convert our small organic company into a biodynamic company.

“Thanks to Joly who in turn was inspired by the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, today in our vineyard we use so-called spray fertilizers hornmist and hornkiesel. We have eliminated herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and all chemical and systemic products. The only things we use are powdered sulfur which helps eliminate powdery mildew and copper which is used to prevent downy mildew, obviously in low doses. As insecticides we use nettle extract, quassia wood, chamomile and valerian. In the cellar we vintage without using selected yeast spores but simply using indigenous yeast which are naturally present on the grape skins adding the east amount of sulfates possible during the vintage phases. We do a small pre-harvesting, conserving the grapes at a controlled temperature, we allow them to ferment and then we arrive with the biggest part of the harvest inoculating the pre-harvested part and so the fermentation process is natural. After fermentation we do not use acidifying, deacidifyng agents, added aromas, tannins, sugars and all other additives which are normally used in conventional wines by winemakers which tend to denaturalize and standardize the taster of the wines.”

Respect for the Earth and respect for the health of who has to drink the wine contribute to the result of a biodynamic wine.